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Maulana Abdul Karim Parekh
A world renowned scholar of Arabic hindi Gujrati Urdu Marathi & Sanskrity languages
Authored ‘LUGHATUL-QURAn at the age of 18 years , extensively being used globally.
Author of 66 books in Arabic hindi Gujrati Urdu Marathi & English language.
Books authored by him are in the syllabus of differanent national and internatinal Educational Instituions & Universities.
A recipient of different national and international awards for his commendable services to diffrent languages.
A recipient of prestigious “ padma bhushan” award from Goverment of india .
Served in several capacities at many universities in india and abroad.
Aworld acclaimed humanitarian of secular characteristics, enjoyed respect 7 homage from all walks of indian society as well as from abroad .
His speeches and discourses are vailable on CDs as well as on websitee www.iqraaudio.com .