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Elementary Grammar Work Book



We are very grateful to Allah Almighty for the education system in our country where basic facilities are available to common man. And in general the younger generations in large numbers are using these facilities through government run, general aided and minority run govt. aided organizations. In our country multiple linguistic formula besides English other regional and national languages are taught. The students have the option to choose between Arabic or Persian as an optional language. During past years the govt. of Maharashtra has under “Value Education” plan these languages have been included in the curriculum. And for this an additional one period is added to every day time table. It’s a general observation, that this facility is not used in any fruitful manner. Some institutions use this period in teaching “Moral Science” in which traditional basic religious teachings like reading Quran or how to perform daily prayers etc. In general these religious courses are taught to most Muslim kids in their early age at home by their parents or local clergy.

It is a fact that different religious schools (Madrasas) Arabic grammar and directions relevant to study and understand religious scriptures is taught, but these institutions can cater to very small percentage of Muslim population. Contrary to this a very large number of students attend schools run by government run or govt. aided schools. In today’s fast pace machine age its practically very difficult for students and parents to spare another 1 or 2 years to spend on religious education.

Keeping in view this difficulty, the trained teachers of Mumbai, Nagpur and some other cities have prepared this book which is based upon the easy Arabic grammar in the light of their experiences.
Some people who have gone to Gulf countries for jobs, have the experience that this primary grammar course helpful in learning of further Arabic for their better future. For the sake of easiness a glossary of words is given in the beginning of each lesson. Also there are exercises at the end of each lesson. If the student will learn the basic grammar, its use and technique, there will be a great increase in his knowledge. In addition to this the easiness of the book has been maintained by taking the necessary benefits of the current Arabic language and its grammar.

To err is human. Therefore valuable advices from the learned persons will be most welcomed with thanks.

It is prayed to Allah for the acceptance of these efforts and to bless everyone with the guidance and reward in this life and in the life hereafter.